Our Mission a message from the owner

As I think back on the many endeavors of my life regarding businesses that I have either been involved in or worked with, there are many lessons that I have learned. The most important lesson is I understand the reasons why people choose to do business with you. Earning trust is important. But following through is more important. Some companies have a problem with the following through part. I will always strive to accomplish both of those things by setting a goal to exceed both of those objectives. The end result will be a very satisfied client. 

Somewhere between doing termite inspections, carpenter ant inspections, inspecting for and eradicating rodents and small creatures, being a carpenter in the field and in a wood shop, wiring homes for cable and telephone, being a homeowner and a landlord that has done endless plumbing and electrical projects, and even wired dog fences, I found that the one element that customers had an issue with, including myself, was customer service. That is why when I perform your home inspection you will be able to rest assured that it will be done with the level of professionalism that you expect, because that is exactly what I expect.
In conclusion, I would like to say that of all of the positions that I have held, the most important one has been being the customer. It is because of that reason that I promise to be prompt, provide quality service, be diligent and to treat my customers with the respect that they deserve. I know that is what you expect because that is what I expect.

That is the mission of Home Inspections By Paul J. Magrone

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