Billy Voecks

Billy, has been a long term resident of central Florida and is a UCF graduate. Billy has devolved extensive home inspection skills by inspecting over 1,000 different residential properties over a span of 2 years for a property Management Company which manages over 1,000 properties in Orlando and all surrounding areas. Before his property management experience, Billy gained construction and building experience by valuing, researching and inspecting a variety of commercial real estate by working as a licensed appraiser trainee. Billy worked directly under the owner of a commercial real estate firm that has been operating in Orlando for over 40 year. With all his experience and upon completion of the IFREC Home Inspection course which was taught by Bill Smith, a 40 year home inspector, Billy took his vast real estate knowledge to work as a licensed home inspector for PJM. Billy has been performing home inspection since 2017 with PJM Inc.

Your #1 Resource for Home Inspections in Central Florida