Paul Magrone

For me, inspection is about communicating technical information clearly with my clients and working closely with each party to meet their needs. I provide unusually thorough, high-quality home inspections of uncommon value and personalized experience, and like to continue client relationships after the inspection. I make a point of providing the best service possible, from scheduling flexibility to providing you with a superior report.

My professional and business experience has included being a carpenter (in the field and in-factory production of windows and doors); working with builders in the field on installing; working closely with electricians and plumbers; being a real estate investor for many years; doing repairs and remodeling; and working as a pest control operator (including small animal intrusions and termites).

My user-friendly, highly detailed reports are narrative, which takes more time to do but are more thorough and understandable. I developed this form by compiling the best of what's available and by asking real-estate agents about creating a "best of the breed" report. Containing a summary page at realtors' request, the reports are emailed the evening of the inspection or the following morning.

I have a genuine interest in your safety and well-being. From top to bottom, I inspect your property for any existing or potential safety hazards that may exist, and report on them in clear language. I also check for problems with the structural integrity of the property.

Committed to consumer education, I urge you to be present at the inspection, a valuable educational experience during which you can ask questions on the spot and better understand my report. I offer preventive and maintenance tips, and share knowledge of the home that gives you control, confidence, and peace of mind about your decision and negotiations. Whether you are buying or selling, knowing the condition of the property guarantees a fair, smooth transaction, especially with today's current high cost of real estate.

My advice does not end with the inspection; you can phone me for as long as you own your home. I well understand that buying or marketing a property is one of the largest financial and emotional investments that you can make. Using my services as early in the process as possible can save you thousands of dollars on items which you may be able to have the seller or buyer correct.

I make a point to clearly communicate with all parties involved -- the realtor, buyer, and seller. I listen carefully to buyer and seller concerns and cover as much as possible related to them. As emphasized, "people inspections" are paramount; technical knowledge is secondary. I take the time to explain problems thoroughly. I'm totally candid without in any way being an "alarmist."

I love my work, and give it my all. I'm totally patient and personable, a good teacher, and easy to work with. I want to help clients in every way possible, and keep clients' concerns uppermost in mind throughout the entire process. I go beyond the basic inspection to provide a level of detail that gives home owners information not often provided or otherwise overlooked.

Most important, I'm distinguished by providing an integrity of quality, personalized service and, again, by broad, practical knowledge and experience. There's simply no substitute for either one. I realize that each home is different and treat it accordingly. I consider myself more thorough than the average inspector. And I inspect a property the way I would want it inspected for me.

I'm certified by NACHI (the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors).

My dedication to you and my wish to see you safe and comfortable in your home are unparalleled—call me today to find out for yourself how Home Inspections by PJM, Inc. is your home inspector! 

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