Liviu Toderic

When he was 11 years old, Liviu Toderic decided he would leave Communist Romania – the country of his birth –and come to America when the “time was right” in search of freedom. Exactly ten years later, after serving in the Romanian Army, his dream came true: he set foot on American soil!

His work experience includes: being an administrator of a publishing house near Chicago, working as a college minister on a church staff in New York, serving as a chaplain for the first-responders with the Red Cross and the New York Office of Emergency Management after the September 11 attacks, and managing multi-million-dollar construction projects and managing building facilities in New York.

Liviu has a passion for teaching and for making the complex understandable. He is interested in Current Events and World History and the Performing Arts. He has been working as a home inspector in Central and South-East Florida since 2013.

His professional and life experience has prepared him well for the challenging and multi-faceted work of a home inspector, where knowledge-of-building-systems alone is not enough to serve clients well. He recognizes that the way he communicates with each client is based on the understanding that each client is unique and has unique needs or concerns.

Liviu's work approach is defined by Service, Dedication, Attention to Detail, Clarity, Availability, Accessibility.

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